As a performer and songwriter today, I am always reaching back in order to look forward. Reaching back to what? Well, the blues I guess? Those songs from turbulent times that still resonate with people today. Whether jazz, blues, country or folk - I care little for the distinction - as it has always been a case of nuance for me. Evermore I continue to draw upon the seminal experience of hearing real live jazz and blues played in our childhood home, which has fuelled my hunger to explore, create and develop...

"I recently caught Jules at an intimate venue where his superior musicianship, engaging personality and intelligent songs won over a packed house”

“With a taste for the arcane, Jules Boult sings and swings...all the way from the church house to the barrelhouse”

"He has a unique understanding of the American songbook, and sees the links between genres that most people ignore. 
He understands the cross fertilization between blues, gospel, country and pop – and uses it to create!" 
MATTHEW FREDERICK, Radio Presenter 106.7 PBS FM

"Jules Boult delivers his live show with ease and great banter. He emanates old school blues with a younger man's enthusiasm. Musically Jules is an extremely competent multi-instrumentalist and his recordings reflect this along with a smooth vocal style and a simple but classic song writing approach."
NICK SWAINSON, Radio Port Douglas 102.7FM